Popular Prom Dress Trends and Getting the Perfect Look

Prom 2024 is already at our doorstep, and, since it’s just a few months off, the time to start making preparations is now.

Our goal is for you to have a prom night that will live in sparkling clarity in your memory forever, and to help with that, we’re going to explore some popular prom dress trends.

Ethereal Elegance: A Prom Dress to Remember

Ethereal prom dresses are certainly not new for 2024, but you can most certainly expect their popularity to continue through this year (and likely beyond).

Ethereal fashion, which is characterized by the use of light, sheer fabrics, flowing, expressive silhouettes, and delicate but ornate details, makes it easy to make a statement.

Don’t take our word for it; some of the brightest names in the fashion industry have put our ethereal elegance on full display in recent times.

Airy and dreamlike, it’s hard not to feel divine in an ethereal dress that’s custom-chosen for your unforgettable prom night.

Cascading, Fluid Layers

Prom Dress Trends

Long prom dresses, which add a timeless, almost regal air to overall attire, are also popular - but not just long dresses; long, flowing prom dresses with layers that cascade and flow over each other with the elegance and poise of a waterfall.

This prom dress trend in design adds stillness and the illusion of movement in one fell swoop, and is prominent in many of our popular new styles.

The pleats and folds of this dress accent the form of the wearer, and the soft satin fabrication adds both depth and luster - making a style like this one you should definitely look into if you’re interested in the novel effects produced by this prom dress trend.

Sparkle in Sequins

Prom Dress Trends

Another undeniably popular prom dress trend is the tendency to accentuate with sequins. Like ethereal fashion, though this trend isn’t quite new (sequins have been around for quite some time) it is only growing in popularity.

And why shouldn’t it, when sequins symbolize status, wealth, and luxury? The addition of tastefully arranged (and artfully selected) sequins to a prom dress design will only elevate it.

Symbolism aside, sequins add color, light, and motion to a prom dress, while at the same time commanding the attention. The slightest movement changes the character of the sequined garment, adding intrigue and appeal. Under evening lights, a sequined dress will only be all the more stunning.

This is another style that is on full display in the media. At the 75th Creative Arts Emmy Awards, Vanderpump Rule’s star Scheana Marie slew in our strapless sequin CH147 with feather trim - a nice ethereal touch, too (and it’s also available in white).

Similarly, Tana Mongeau pulled off an unforgettable look at Lele Pons’ wedding in our CDS419 with stone embellishments - not exactly sequins, but close, and the effect is basically identical.

Stun in Strapless

Strapless prom dresses are also going to enjoy a good deal of popularity in 2024 (and likely beyond) and not just as a trend - but for very practical (and fashionable) reasons.

The strapless design accentuates and highlights the décolletage while framing the face. Moreover, the strapless design is flexible and not exclusive to any one school of design; you can enjoy a strapless dress featuring the other facets of fashion mentioned here.

Several high profile personalities have capitalized on the strapless look in recent months and years (including some of those already mentioned) such as influencer Drew Afualo, who made the most of our 7484 in red.

The New Primaries: Purple, Blue and Green

Prom Dress Trends

Almost any color can be imagined as a beautiful prom dress, but that doesn’t stop the trends. This year, look for vibrant purples, light blues, and even bright greens to make waves.

Don’t just take our word for it. This trend is on full display in the media, too. Martin Scorsese’s daughter, Francesca Scorsese, stunned at the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards in our CD327C.

You’ll see these colors well-represented in many of the highlights in our collection of new prom dresses, and doubtless in many of the trends that develop over the coming months.

Of course, that doesn’t prevent a warm rose or a stunning, drop-dead red from making your ideal prom dress - after all, this is your prom!

Prom, Perfected

Whether you ultimately decide to go with a traditional floor length ball gown to turn heads on your big night, or stun in a more contemporary style reflecting one of these prom dress trends, we have  prom dress designs with you in mind.

Choosing a prom dress is a big decision, and we know that. If you have any questions contact your local retailer. We can’t wait to see you shine on your special night!